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restaurant server training

The Hospitality Formula Network is the premier source for restaurant server training on the web.

Through a unique background in both serving and management the network provides great resources for server training.  The website Tips For Improving Your Tips and the book Tips²: Tips For Improving Your Tips both provide outstanding information for servers.  In The Manager’s Office, David Hayden shows  you how to teach the fundamentals of server training.  This expanding list of posts not only teaches skills that servers need to know, but they also show managers the most effective methods for server training.

The Pre-Shift Meeting (Part One)

The Pre-Shift Meeting (Part Two)

Why Server Training Fails Servers

Five Reasons Managers Need Tips2: Tips For Improving Your Tips

The Reviews Are In

Why Server Training Saves You Money

Teaching An Experienced Server New Skills

Weekly Skills Focus: A User’s Guide

Skills Focus: Making Recommendations

Skills Focus: Describing Dishes

Skills Focus: Words That Sell

Skills Focus: Spotting The Complaint

Skills Focus: Building And Maintaining Rapport

Skill Focus: Creating Regulars

Skills Focus: Don’t Be “The Server”

Skills Focus: Selling As A Server


In addition, David Hayden, creator of The Hospitality Formula Network, has written the book, Tips²: Tips For Improving Your Tips as the ultimate server training manual.  This book teaches the 52 essential skills every server must know to provide exceptional service.  This book goes beyond the standard server training manual by teaching the advanced skills that traditional server training manuals have left out.  It is a concise read for new servers and broken up into 52 chapters to serve as a weekly training topic for pre-shift meetings.  This book provides managers with the knowledge the need to enhance their server training and bring customer satisfaction to new heights.

Learn more about Tips²: Tips For Improving Your Tips, the ultimate server training manual.