Best Of

If you are looking for a good starting point to dive into the content available on The Manager’s Office, this is the page for you.  These represent my ten favorite posts from the first year of this blog.  Take a look through these posts to find more content that may appeal to you.

The Epiphany: Still the most interesting concept on this blog.  I think that it explains so much of why some managers succeed at motivating their staff while others fail.

Sergeants and Generals: Another way of explaining how different management styles affect the perceptions of a restaurant’s staff. 

Understanding Restaurants: The Other Perspectives: Before you can understand why your guests, owners, and staff behave in your restaurant, you must understand what their priorities are.

The Evolution of Free Bread: A look at the most popular “freebie” at your restaurant and how some have turned it into a revenue generator.

Supply, Demand, and Chicken Wings: How basic economic principles affect your bottom line as explained by the chicken wing.

A Tale of Three Burgers:  Understanding market placement through the perspective of three different burger joints.

Aspirational Dining Defined: How this new market segment is blurring the line between upscale casual and fine dining.

A Food Critic Intervention: Although this critic and I have become friendly since, I still think this is a worthwhile read for critics everywhere.

Cost vs Profit: By breaking down the costs that restaurants face, the notion of profitability is put into perspective.

The Keys to Leadership: The start of a series outlining why leadership is so important in restaurants and why it is impossible to manage servers without it.