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Recently, a website ranked the top 60 restaurant industry blogs.  I was flattered that my old blog came in third.  I also was flattered that other blogs I write came in eight, twenty fourth, and thirty fourth.  Teleburst came in second and I cannot dispute that ranking at all.  So You Want To Be A Waiter is a phenomenal blog and something all servers should read.

The blog at the top of the list was one I had never read.  I clicked the link and spent the next couple of hours fascinated by it.  I can safely say that if you own or manage a restaurant, you need to be reading The Back Burner.  This blog is a compiles the writings of some of the best restaurant consultants, trainers, and bloggers from around the industry.  It also contains tremendous insights on office machines or equipment and procedures that I have ever seen in one place.  It even organizes the previous posts into an easy to navigate resource center to put the information you need at your finger tips.

Greg McGuire compiles the information and takes on a bulk of the writing duties.  His writing style is easy to understand and incredibly readable.  The blog itself is hosted by Tundra Specialties, a restaurant supply company offering nearly everything you could need to run a restaurant except the food itself.  This provides a tremendous knowledge base to mine for information about restaurant operations that most bloggers lack access too.  I have also spent some time digging around on their website.  I jotted some of their prices and took a trip to my local restaurant supply store.  I compared five basic products by the same manufacturers.  In four out of five cases they were substantially cheaper and in all five cases they had the better price.

I should also disclose that Greg recently contacted me to contribute to their blog.  This was quite flattering and I am happy to be involved with such a first rate organization.  This contact did occur after my comparison shopping adventure and well after I was a fan of their blog.  I am not being compensated for this post and you cannot buy this kind of praise from me.  Although, if anyone wants to try I am open to hearing some offers.

If you run a restaurant, you should be reading The Back Burner.  Take some time to look at the retail end of their website as well.  Tundra has invested time, energy, and money in provide an incredible amount of information to help make your business more profitable.  Plenty of companies are glad to sell you their products, but this one is putting forth the effort to help you make your restaurant better.  This is the type of partnership I want to encourage in the restaurant business and why I am proud to endorse this blog.

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