Advice For A New Restaurant Manager

Introduction to Restaurant SEO

Just as we can’t jump to the main course without opening our taste buds on some starters, we can’t understand how SEO will benefit a restaurant without first defining what it is.  SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, is a strategy for increasing the page rank of a website on the search results page (SERP) of a search engine, usually based on a few targeted search terms. A higher rank results in more visibility and traffic, and therefore, more customers and money. In the case of a restaurant, it would mean a fuller dining room and the ka-ching of the cash register going off throughout operating hours.

Resell SEO services for restaurants works on the same lines as regular SEO does; it’s just flavored according to the taste of the restaurant industry.  Take a look at our restaurant case study about how users look for restaurants on Google to get a taste.

Online ranking for restaurants is a dish that takes a while to prepare. It demands the right blend of excellent content, a dash of social media presence, and a healthy and nutritious backlink consommé. We will cover these areas in depth later.

To juice it all in a definition, restaurant SEO is revamping the search engine optimization techniques for the restaurant business. Although there are many different aspects at play that might give it a slightly different taste than a regular SEO, we did say revamp, didn’t we?

“How far can my business actually go with the help of restaurant SEO?“

Well, we could be smart and answer that in a single line: it goes as far as you do, See? That explains absolutely nothing. Okay, jokes aside, how far SEO can take you depends on the quality of the elements that go into it. The type of content you pick, the way you engage with social media, or how you treat your website, shapes the overall SEO pattern.

For restaurant SEO, apart from social media and exemplary content, those sweet and sour online reviews also play their part. We will dig more about later. Right now, let’s stick to the current topic at hand or plate, whichever sounds better.

The aim of this section was to familiarize you with the tone of SEO. In brief, this whole optimization procedure relies on your efforts. The more creative you are with your approach, the better returns you can expect.

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  • Kam

    This is what I will remember from this article 1. Get staff support 2. Gain trust and respect 3. Build rapport with other managers 4. Know the strengths and weaknesses of your team. Great points, thanks David!

    Kam O.
    Atlanta Restaurant Point of Sales Rep.

  • Alicia Fergus

    Fully agree with Kam and I think I’m succeeding so far. Thanks for the tips!!!

  • Justin Hattenhauer

    Taking over a new restaurant myself, I was very relieved to see I’ve done most on this article already! I’m at a big disadvantage because I’ve never managed in a sit down restaurant, but I’ve made sure my team knows I’m willing to get in the trenches and learn what they do. Great article! Thank you :-)

    • Camille Smith

      I was just about to share this with you! You’ve done nothing but had our backs and for that we are grateful!

      • Justin Hattenhauer

        You are so awesome! I’m very thankful to have you! I know we have got each other’s backs!

  • Jose Morales

    Nice read!

  • Franky Chen

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  • Margaret Mitchel

    Thanks for sharing, I absolutely agree with every tip you gave! When in Rome… – that’s the rule for the first couple weeks. Besides, for any person employed in hospitality, soft skills are an absolute must, and it’s especially important for a new team member. That’s what I’ve learnt while getting a bachelor degree in hotel management ( and passing my first internship at a Fours Seasons hotel. Either you win over other employees with respect and hard work or you’d better pack.

  • krgreen

    I have just started managing a restaurant with employees that have been here for years and let me know it. I have now been here for 2 months, have elbow to elbow cleaning, cooking, assisting wait staff so they that they can see I am here to help. I love my new job but I have slackers that don’t want change and an owner who likes his staff. I am not a hard ass by any means but I have changed a few minor things without to much problem. Most here are good workers, then I have those who can be good workers, but only when I am here to babysit. Not real sure what to do, any suggestions? I have a cook who just cooks how ever they like no recipe so it’s not always the same, I have repeatedly asked them to write down recipes and follow them every time, but it’s still not happening. Garlic seems to go into everything. How do I get those to understand they are not cooking for themselves, but the public? Any suggestions?

  • New York Classifieds

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  • Master_Rabbit

    Here’s advice from a 10 year veteran. Try another profession.

    Unless you own it, don’t put your heart and soul into it. Wait tables, tend bar, maybe carry garbage for food scraps but don’t ever put on a name tag.

  • Shiya Soni

    One very important advice here would be to use a good tool for management. It is essential for a restaurant manager to be well-versed with technology. As someone who has had some experience in managing a deli, POS systems work the best when it comes to managing a food business. My recommendation for the same would be a POS like that is easy to use and is affordable as well.