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Should Your Restaurant Offer A Shift Drink

I have spent most of my restaurant career working in corporate restaurants where the notion of a shift drink was unthinkable. In fact, my first exposure to the term was in a restaurant management training manual where it was explained that providing shift drinks was expressly prohibited. Most of the independent restaurants I worked in […]

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Five Reasons You Should Have A Slip Resistant Shoe Program

Tagged chef shoes, cook shoes, lowering worker’s comp claims, manager shoes, non slip shoes, payroll deduction, preventing restaurant accidents, restaurant shoes, server shoes, shoe requirements, shoes for crews, slip and fall, slip resistant shoes, uniform requirements, uniform spec, worker’s comp in restaurants I don’t think anyone has ever taken a job as a restaurant manager […]

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Do Not Fall For These Scams

I have written previously about scams servers use to rip off restaurants and how to avoid them.  These are not the only scams that restaurant managers need to be aware of.  There are a number of tricks that scammers use to defraud restaurants.  Some of these have been used for decades.  They have been around […]

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Counting Plates (Part Two)

In part one; we discussed the difficulties faced by managers, servers, and guests resulting from shrinking renewals budgets.  I advanced the idea of treating glasses, plates, and tableware as inventory rather than purely as an expense.  This allows the cost of these items to be more accurately reflected on your P&L.  Breaking a plate is […]

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Counting Plates (Part One)

The restaurant industry has its own jargon.  It may also have its own language.  We have the titles we give positions and then we have the nicknames we use.  Every back of the house employee in America has learned to answer to the nickname “ahneeda.”  Not familiar with that name?  Stop and count how many […]

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Watch your cash: Five Scams To Watch For

One of the things I am most excited about with the transition of this blog to a network of blogs is that The Manager’s Office can get a bit more technical.  This is a topic I have wanted to write about for a while, but was not comfortable with previously.  A blog about increasing tips […]

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Fruit Flies

Welcome to what I hope is the least appetizing post that will ever appear on my blog.  While I typically try to discuss appetizing things, today I will talk about something less pleasant, fruit flies.  The season is coming up here in the Midwest.  I personally have had some epic battles with these pests over […]

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Spotting The Complaint

One of the difficulties of the frantic posting regimen I have taken upon myself is trying to come up with new and interesting things to write about.  I want this blog to be informative and provide real world tips that you can apply on your next shift to make more money.  This is one of […]

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