Five Reasons Managers Need Tips2: Tips For Improving Your Tips

What your bookshelf has been missing.

Last week my first book Tips2: Tips For Improving Your Tips was released.  I have tried to make an effective argument for why servers looking to increase their income should buy this book.  Servers are not the only group that can benefit from this book.  I can say with absolute certainty that this book will also benefit managers.  This is the book I wish I had in my office when I was a manager. Find such motivating and inspiring books at Books First now.

Today, I want to make a clear and strong case why this book belongs in your restaurant.  As a manager, this book will give you advanced insight to help your servers give your guests the service they want and improve their tips.  It goes much deeper into the role of a server though.  This book is about more than tips.  It teaches the philosophies of a professional server and explains the importance of many of the principles that servers may seem as unimportant rules.  From the value of arriving early to diplomacy in dealing with the host stand, this book explains the reasons behind the rules.

Here are five specific reasons why this book belongs in your restaurant.

Increased Sales:  In a harsh economic climate, you need to send your staff to their tables with the skills they need to sell effectively to your tables and create return guests.  There are 16 chapters in this book specifically designed to help your servers sell with more confidence and produce better results.  Of the remaining chapters, 31 deal specifically with delivering the service that will keep your guests returning.  When your guests spend more and return more often, your restaurant’s sales will increase.

Happier Guests:  Remember those 31 chapters I wrote about earlier?  They are all specifically designed to create happier guests who will return.  This includes chapters describing how to deal with a variety of guests with specific needs.  It describes how to please some of your toughest guests.  There are also tips on how to handle even the busiest times of the evening with calm and composure.  This means more table visits for compliments and less time handling complaints.

A Motivated Staff:  If you are a reader of this blog, you have probably seen the series on motivating your staff.  The most important factors to motivate your staff are autonomy, mastery, and purpose.  This has been scientifically tested and the results are very conclusive.  Every chapter in this book is designed to reinforce these motivational factors.  This book is the tool your need to emphasize these factors and shows you how to convey them to your staff.

Credibility:  Let’s be honest, memos from corporate and training manuals are always read with a healthy dose of cynicism.  Servers are often hesitant to approach tables with techniques that were designed by someone in the corporate office who hasn’t served a table in years.  Likewise, they might be skeptical of a manager who they do not feel has the same level of experience that they do.  This book avoids that problem.  It was written by a server for servers.  I have an entire network of blogs they can read and find out that I am on their side.  This allows my credibility to become yours.

It Makes Your Job Easier:  Increased sales, happier guests, and a motivated staff should all improve your job satisfaction.  This book does not stop there.  It contains 52 chapters for a specific reason.  Each chapter can be your pre-shift meeting topic for the week complete with action steps.  The five chapters that are not about sales or service will also prove invaluable.  These chapters give practical advice to servers on how to fix nearly any problem they may face with co-workers.  Does your staff complain about the bartenders taking too long, hostesses double seating them, or the cooks being rude to them?  There is a chapter on each of these topics providing advice on how they can remedy these issues.  If the first five points didn’t get your attention, this one is worth the price alone.

It is not easy to be a manager.  I have managed restaurants and I can relate.  That is why this book should be in your office.  It provides you with the tools you need to give your staff the tools they need.  This will increase sales, improve morale, and decrease the stress you must deal with on every shift.  At $19.95, this book is a steal and well worth adding to your bookshelf.  If you still aren’t convinced, visit the site and read excerpts from the book.  The chapter on “Dealing with Managers” would be a good place to start.  The information in that chapter is a good representation of the knowledge in the book and how it can improve the performance of your restaurant.

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