Fruit Flies

Welcome to what I hope is the least appetizing post that will ever appear on my blog.  While I typically try to discuss appetizing things, today I will talk about something less pleasant, fruit flies.  The season is coming up here in the Midwest.  I personally have had some epic battles with these pests over the years.  The best way to stop fruit flies is to prevent them before they get a foothold.  So in anticipation of fruit fly season, this post is designed to help you get a battle plan in place before they arrive.

Whether you call them fruit flies, bar flies, drain flies, or any of the other names they have, your guests find them an unappetizing annoyance.  The guests rarely take into account the fact that they are studied for tremendous breakthroughs in science and were responsible for the 1995 Nobel Prize.  They also fail to realize that the fresh salad and beer they are enjoying for lunch are the reason they are there in the first place.  Instead, they want them gone.  So after a little research and several personal experiments with different methods of fighting them, I want to share my best practices.

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  • Becky

    Yes, the term “fruit fly” is the most innocuous of them all. Exterminators call them “sewer gnats” which is pretty accurate. It illustrates the fact that they will feed and breed on almost any organic material, and they do have favorites. But just like any other fly, you don’t want them on your food or drink because they’ve been in some disgusting places.

    They LOVE beer and wine. Red wine is another good trap for them. And I’ve seen an entire colony of them tending their maggots (they are flies after all) in an area with spilled beer left unattended for a few days behind something.

    We use a drain gel, which we put in every drain in the place (including the urinal in the men’s room) every single night after closing. And it’s phenomenally effective. We had a major problem with them a few years ago, but no more.

    I’ve seen people hang Bounce dryer sheets around, saying that works, but it looks stupid and I don’t think it works at all.

    • tipsfortips

      From my experience whiskey works better than red wine. The bathroom is another good tip though. Once I ran them out of my kitchen a few years ago they relocated their. A couple traps took care of them. I agree on the dryer sheets. Vinegar and dishsoap are also pretty ineffective.

  • Bobbie

    A very timely subject indeed! I have been doing battle with friut flies recently and was ready to move out and let them have the whole house.
    I have new amunition, now.

  • Brenda

    Plant gnats won’t react the same as fruit flies even though they appear to be the se annoying creatures. They thrive on soil. They are easily killed with a small bowl of water with yellow food color.

    • tipsfortips

      I actually found that out researching this post. I was pretty annoyed that they weren’t falling for my trap. I feel better now.

  • Becky

    By the way, the Drain Gel we use is called just that and looks like this.

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  • cross trainer

    My houseplants have got major problems with Sciarid flies(fungus knats)-any tips for getting rid of them?

    • tipsfortips

      Actually yes. This post led to an extended discussion on my FB page where my Aunt discussed this. Water with yellow food coloring worked for her.