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The Manager’s Office is designed to be a free resource for professional restaurant managers and restaurant owners to learn the skills that will help them advance their careers and improve the profitability of their restaurants.  Within the pages of this website you will find posts covering restaurant operations, leadership, motivation, marketing, as well as up to date reporting on industry issues.  With over two and a half years of post, first time visitors might be overwhelmed.  At the top of the page you will find a number of categories to help you find specific posts on topics of interest to restaurant managers.  Below this introduction, you will find the most recent updates to this website.


The Manager’s Office is just one part of a network of sites known as The Hospitality Formula Network.  This network was created in 2010 to provide insights to all parts of the restaurant industry.  The original sites included Tips Squared, Foodie Knowledge, and Restaurant Laughs.  In 2011, Tips2: Tips For Improving Your Tips was added to the network to showcase the restaurant server training manual of the same title.  In 2012, Restaurant Marketing Plan was added to the network to help restaurant managers and owners take advantage of the best practices for online restaurant marketing.


All of the sites on The Hospitality Formula Network are written by restaurant industry author, blogger, and consultant, David Hayden.  David has nearly 20 years of restaurant experience in almost all facets of the restaurant industry.  He is the author of Tips2: Tips For Improving Your Tips and three time winner of the Best of Kansas City award for Best Server.  His mission is to provide restaurants and those that work within them with the knowledge they need to succeed.  You can learn more about The Hospitality Formula Network on the about page or reach Mr. Hayden on the contact page.

Most Recent Posts

Five Great Questions For Server Interviews

I have been reading a number of message boards on LinkedIn recently where managers are seeking insight on how to hire top performers.  This has inspired me to spend some time thinking about this topic.  I have a fair amount of experience on both sides of the interview process.  The answers you receive during the […]

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Five Lessons Restaurants Can Learn From Zaarly

I am a fan of Zaarly.  If you are unfamiliar with the site, Zaarly is the most interesting internet startup company I have run across in years.  The concept is simple: Zaarly allows buyers to name their price for the goods and services they wish to buy.  This works by allowing the market place to […]

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Everything Isn’t Great

  If you are in the restaurant industry in a managerial capacity, this post is probably going to represent a gut check.  I am speaking to you today on behalf of your former guests and current front line employees.  This is a bit of tough love, but I assure you it is for your own […]

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Hooters, Sauce, and The Challenges of Server Bloggers

  The rise of social media has created an unexpected challenge for restaurant companies and their employees.  Restaurant companies have used this technology to reinforce the image of their brand.  Their employees also have the ability to connect with large numbers of followers in a way that some companies see as a threat.  In the […]

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How Are You Using Twitter?

Recently, one of my favorite local restaurants had their Twitter account hacked. For the first couple of tweets and direct messages, I let them know. I posted on their Facebook wall after the third tweet went out to their followers. After days of this I noticed that other local foodies and bloggers were commenting on […]

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The Manager’s Office Index

(Updated 9/5/2011) This index is designed to put all of the information available at The Manager’s Office at your fingertips. Click on any of the links below to find the topic you are interested in. The best way to stay up to date on all posts on this blog is to become a fan on […]

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Skill Focus: Selling As A Server

In the final installment of the skill focus series, I wanted to bring the series full circle.  I began by discussing the value of making recommendations and how to describe food.  These were great introductions to basic sales concepts.  Your staff should now have had time to either get comfortable with these concepts or abandoned […]

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The New Manager’s Office Blogroll

If you are a manager, owner, or executive in the restaurant industry, there is a wealth of information available to make your restaurant more profitable, although if you work too many hours in your computer by managing using the best computer chair for long hours for back pain is the best option for this .  […]

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Skills Focus: Don’t Be “The Server”

I have been asked a couple of times recently to comment on restaurants using iPads instead of menus and servers.  I generally respond by asking the question, “Would you rather order that way?”  No one has told me yet that they would prefer this method.  There will never be a program designed to be more […]

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Skill Focus: Creating Regulars

Last week I discussed how to create and build rapport with your guests.  This week I am taking it a step further.  The reason you want to establish rapport with a guest is to earn an exceptional tip and make them want to return to the restaurant.  The only thing that would be better than […]

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Skills Focus: Building And Maintaining Rapport

This week’s topic is a bit different than the topics I have written about in the last few skill focus posts.  Previously we have talked about sales and spotting guest complaints.  This week we will talk about the single most important factor in a server’s tip and the likelihood of a guest to return to […]

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