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The Manager’s Office is designed to be a free resource for professional restaurant managers and restaurant owners to learn the skills that will help them advance their careers and improve the profitability of their restaurants.  Within the pages of this website you will find posts covering restaurant operations, leadership, motivation, marketing, as well as up to date reporting on industry issues.  With over two and a half years of post, first time visitors might be overwhelmed.  At the top of the page you will find a number of categories to help you find specific posts on topics of interest to restaurant managers.  Below this introduction, you will find the most recent updates to this website.


The Manager’s Office is just one part of a network of sites known as The Hospitality Formula Network.  This network was created in 2010 to provide insights to all parts of the restaurant industry.  The original sites included Tips Squared, Foodie Knowledge, and Restaurant Laughs.  In 2011, Tips2: Tips For Improving Your Tips was added to the network to showcase the restaurant server training manual of the same title.  In 2012, Restaurant Marketing Plan was added to the network to help restaurant managers and owners take advantage of the best practices for online restaurant marketing.


All of the sites on The Hospitality Formula Network are written by restaurant industry author, blogger, and consultant, David Hayden.  David has nearly 20 years of restaurant experience in almost all facets of the restaurant industry.  He is the author of Tips2: Tips For Improving Your Tips and three time winner of the Best of Kansas City award for Best Server.  His mission is to provide restaurants and those that work within them with the knowledge they need to succeed.  You can learn more about The Hospitality Formula Network on the about page or reach Mr. Hayden on the contact page.

Most Recent Posts

Skills Focus: Spotting The Complaint

The last three skills focus segments have focused on selling entrees by recommending them.  These should have proven successful in getting your staff engaged in communicating with their guests what items they might enjoy.  This week the focus is going to shift to another vital task that too many servers fail to execute.  What happens […]

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new trick

Teaching An Experienced Server New Skills

Recently, I received a comment on a past post from a manager asking for advice on how to handle an experienced server who was resistant to implementing the new skills he was trying to teach his staff.  This is an incredibly common dilemma and one that deserved more focus than a reply to his comment […]

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Skills Focus: Words That Sell

This week’s we are going to talk about something awesome.  It is incredible.  You could call it huge.  Everyone loves it.  History will reflect upon it as epic.  It is mega-spectacular.  If it were any better it would be made illegal. And in spite of all of those adjectives you still have no idea what […]

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Why Server Training Saves You Money

In the current economic climate most restaurant companies have been searching for a way to attract guests.  They have turned to a variety of discounts and value-oriented options to keep guests coming through their doors.  In order to maintain profitability, they have also looked for ways to cut costs.  One of the most common cutbacks […]

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Skills Focus: Describing Dishes

Skills Focus: Describing Dishes In last week’s skill focus I discussed the power of recommending food to the guest.  Helping your staff feel comfortable making these recommendations is an important first step.  This allows them to feel comfortable talking with their guests about food.  Simply getting them in the habit of talking about food with […]

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Skills Focus: Making Recommendations

(Note: This is the first post in a series called “Weekly Skills Focus” that is designed to provide a weekly topic for your pre-shift meetings and instructions on how to teach it.  To best utilize this post, plese refer to to my explanation of how to hold an effective pre-shift meeting and the introduction of […]

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Weekly Skills Focus: A User’s Guide

(Note: On Monday, I will introduce a new weekly feature to this blog called “Weekly Skills Focus.” This feature will take one previous post each week and discuss it in greater detail. The Manager’s Office will look at the post from a manager’s perspective with notes on how to teach it during the coming week’s […]

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David Hayden

The Reviews Are In

Read any good books lately?  When I sent out advanced copies of my book, I was hoping someone would say something nice about it.  All of the people who had read it previously did so to edit it.  Something about getting back all the previous copies covered in red ink made me wonder if it […]

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Five Reasons Managers Need Tips2: Tips For Improving Your Tips

Last week my first book Tips2: Tips For Improving Your Tips was released.  I have tried to make an effective argument for why servers looking to increase their income should buy this book.  Servers are not the only group that can benefit from this book.  I can say with absolute certainty that this book will […]

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Finding The Right Music For Your Restaurant

Recently, my favorite restaurant critic wrote a post about music at restaurants.  In this post he recounts several restaurants that have made classic mistakes with their music selections.  Some restaurants had the music far too loud.  Other restaurants allowed their staff to select the music which led to some “interesting” selections.  Judging from the reactions […]

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Do Not Fall For These Scams

I have written previously about scams servers use to rip off restaurants and how to avoid them.  These are not the only scams that restaurant managers need to be aware of.  There are a number of tricks that scammers use to defraud restaurants.  Some of these have been used for decades.  They have been around […]

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