Skills Focus

Pre-shift meeting ideas for managers

Pre-shift meeting

A restaurant manager’s guide to holding an effective pre-shift meeting.

One of the most important concepts addressed on The Manager’s Office is the significance of the pre-shift meeting to on-going server training.  This site is a great resource for topics to cover with your staff.  To emphasize this content I posted a series of eight topics to develope over the course of a week during pre-shift meetings.  This content is designed to increase sales, build repeat customers and improve your servers’ income.

Weekly Skills Focus: A User’s Guide

Skills Focus: Making Recommendations

Skills Focus: Describing Dishes

Skills Focus: Words That Sell

Skills Focus: Spotting The Complaint

Skills Focus: Building And Maintaining Rapport

Skills Focus: Creating Regulars

Skills Focus: Don’t Be “The Server”

Skills Focus: Selling As A Server

The Pre-Shift Meeting (Part One)

The Pre-Shift Meeting (Part Two)

These pre-shift meeting ideas are designed to compliment the 52 chapters of my book Tips²: Tips For Improving Your Tips.  The book was designed with to allow each chapter to serve as a weekly pre-shift meeting idea for restaurant managers.  These are the 52 essential skills that restaurant servers must possess to create raving fans of their guests and bring customer satisfaction to unprecedented heights.  To learn more about the book, visit  To learn more about how the book can benefit restaurant managers, visit the book page on this site.