The Advantages of Set Schedules

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Yesterday I discussed the disadvantages of having a set schedule.  While I think I managed to make some valid points, it was sort of hollow.  The primary reason I am still at my current job is because of my schedule.  It took about two and a half years, but I managed to get my ideal schedule.  I get the opportunity to change it from time to time, but I can’t figure out how to improve on it.

Set schedules are not perfect, but for a server who wants to maintain some sort of structure in their life it is as close as can be asked for.  This is a tremendous tool for recruiting and retaining employees.  It is a no cost benefit a restaurant can offer that allows them to stand out from the competition.  There are still many variables inherent in the restaurant business, but this is one of the best ways available for employers to try to alleviate them.  Once you have worked with a set schedule, it is very difficult to walk away from.

There are four significant advantages to set schedules that make them desirable.

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  • jjskck

    I’m not a server, but knowing my work schedule in advance (and being able to plan accordingly) is a huge benefit. In your case, you even get to know your bad weeks, when they’re coming, and how to budget around them. The advantages seem to far outweigh the disadvantages.

    I think the key words you use are “stable and mature staff”–if your crew is stable, it should be rewarded with stability!

    • tipsfortips

      Agreed. Having some semblance of stability in a job which is inherently unstable allows people to maintain a normal life.

  • Matt

    Love having a set schedule!!! I know in 3 months what days I need off or to schedule things like doctors appointments, family dinners etc..

  • yellowcat

    I have a set schedule and I love it. I would not want to work somewhere that I had to check the schedule every week and could plan my life week to week.

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