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The Manager’s Office joined The Hospitality Formula Network as the smallest blog.  I had tried to avoid discussing issues related to management on tipsfortips.  To the extent that I did discuss them the posts were designed to provide greater understanding of how restaurants worked to servers and foodies.  After I started the site, I realized that I had a great deal to say about restaurant marketing and leading servers.  I have managed for three different companies, and when I need to change offices using services as office movers make everything more easier when changing jobs. They should promote their careful and complete dismantling and assembly of office furniture to make sure your items stay in great shape. A great removalist for office should provide an easy and stress-free move. Understanding restaurants from both an hourly and salaried viewpoint provides an interesting perspective on how they are run.

This is also the blog that I am most looking forward to developing.  I have several posts already written for this site.  There are numerous topics that I am looking forward to addressing.  The human resources aspect of a manager’s role is next up on the agenda.  I am also working on a way to revive the “Restaurant Industry Insider” in a new format.  This site is ripe for a major overhaul in layout that should be unveiled in the next few weeks.

Top Ten Most Viewed Posts:

Why Contests Don’t Work

The Pre-Shift Meeting (Part Two)

Ways To Motivate Servers

Cost vs Profit

Counting Plates

Five Scams To Watch For

Hot Schedules Reviewed (Part Two)

The Pre-Shift Meeting (Part One)

The Epiphany

Leadership: Improving Others

What sets The Manager’s Office apart from the other sites on the network is that the search engine traffic it receives lends itself to viewing multiple posts.  When someone searches for “sharks” and lands on Foodie Knowledge, they are not necessarily in the industry.  The people who search for a topic that lands them at The Manager’s Office are most often looking for the exact type of information it contains.  This means that the people who visit the site tend to stick around longer and read more of the content.

My Ten Favorite Posts:

The Epiphany: Still the most interesting concept on this blog.  I think that it explains so much of why some managers succeed at motivating their staff while others fail.

Sergeants and Generals: Another way of explaining how different management styles affect the perceptions of a restaurant’s staff.

Understanding Restaurants: The Other Perspectives: Before you can understand why your guests, owners, and staff behave in your restaurant, you must understand what their priorities are.

The Evolution of Free Bread: A look at the most popular “freebie” at your restaurant and how some have turned it into a revenue generator.

Supply, Demand, and Chicken Wings: How basic economic principles affect your bottom line as explained by the chicken wing.

A Tale of Three Burgers:  Understanding market placement through the perspective of three different burger joints.

Aspirational Dining Defined: How this new market segment is blurring the line between upscale casual and fine dining.

A Food Critic Intervention: Although this critic and I have become friendly since, I still think this is a worthwhile read for critics everywhere.

Cost vs Profit: By breaking down the costs that restaurants face, the notion of profitability is put into perspective.

The Keys to Leadership: The start of a series outlining why leadership is so important in restaurants and why it is impossible to manage servers without it.

That list could have been much longer.  I really feel that restaurant managers can find a great deal of useful information on this blog.  I am excited for some upcoming series and overhauling it to make it more user friendly.  The Manager’s Office will continue to evolve into a one stop knowledgebase for the struggles faced by restaurant managers and owners.  The best of this site is yet to come.

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