The Mistake and The Letter

It was a pretty average second half of a double.  Our bar was hopping with happy hour customers.  I had just finished polishing my station and poured myself a nice cup of coffee.  Then one of my managers came to find me with a piece of paper in her hand.  Those of you who are servers know that managers carrying paper usually means bad news.  She handed it to me and said this came about you today.  It was an email and this is what it said:

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  • nativenapkin

    You definitely had the right type of guests to make that scenario Win/Win. And nice job recognizing that the plates were wrong. A pro knows what all his guests are having at all times and don’t just drop it and forget it.

    Another approach is if you recognize that they have the wrong plate, or the guest points it out, tell them to enjoy it, on the house, while the Kitchen prepares the proper one. If it’s something they don’t like, maybe the rest of the table would like to share it in the meantime. And anytime someone is left without food in front of them while their dining companions are eating, and it’s our fault, we usually buy their dinner. Not just the one course, the whole shebang.

    Mistakes are a golden opportunity to over-compensate and take the power to be pissed out of the situation.

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