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If you are a manager, owner, or executive in the restaurant industry, there is a wealth of information available to make your restaurant more profitable, although if you work too many hours in your computer by managing using the best computer chair for long hours for back pain is the best option from the Technomono options.  Learning from the experience and expertise of others can help your business thrive while avoiding costly missteps.  Taking the time to read what others have to say is often seen as a luxury.  I would contend that it will actually save you time by helping you avoid the costly mistakes others have made.  Learning from the expertise of others is one of the best investments of your time and energy.

This is why I have assembled a top notch list of blogs by industry experts to help your restaurant grow.  These blogs cover a number of the various skills a manager must possess to maintain a profitable restaurant.  Take time to learn from them and you will find all of your efforts yielding better returns.  This is, in no particular order, my list of the best restaurant industry blogs for restaurant owners, managers, and executives.


This is a great community of restaurant professionals featuring blogs by some of the best minds in the business.

QSR Insights

Even if you are not in charge of a Quick Service Restaurant, these restaurant pros share insights that will help your company grow.

The Back Burner Blog

This blog does a great job of covering a variety of topics through guest posts from some of the top professionals in the industry.

Ramsey Mohsen

Ramsey is my marketing and branding guru.  He should be yours too.

Food Waste Focus

Controlling food waste is one of the most important cost saving measures you can introduce.  This blog shows you how.

Restaurant Reality Check

Peter Romeo gives you all of the developing news from inside the industry that you need to know.

NRA News

Up to date information from the National Restaurant Association.

Waiter Pay

Keep up to date with laws regarding your employees to avoid costly legal entanglements.

Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Michael Hartzell provides your with a number of great marketing ideas to help grow your business.

Off On Monday

A manager’s reflections on life in his restaurants.

The Blackboard

Restaurant marketing ideas from the other side of the pond

Menu Builder

This blog is filled with brilliant insight on menu creation and design.

The Grey Goose Blog

This is about far more than vodka.  A great restaurant blog filled with information on marketing and operations.

Restaurant Marketing

Joel Cohen shares his insights on how to get the most from your marketing efforts.

Arshad Parvez

Arshad is an operator who knows this business and shares his insights with you.

It’s My Ingredient

The folks at Vanee Foods write what just might be the most comprehensive and humorous blog on the list.  A must read.

The Restaurant Manager’s Rant

One front line manager’s account of life in a restaurant.

The Bar Blogger

How to market the bar aspects of your business for maximum profits.

Prima Blog

The equipment in your restaurant is a major investment.  This blog provides insight on maintaining and purchasing it.

Social Media Examiner

If you need tips on how to unlock the power of social media to ignite your restaurants sales, this is the site for you.

How did I do?  Did I leave off one of your favorites?  Is there one I need to be following?  The comment section is open for your feedback.

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